Homemade Butterfinger Ice Cream

Homemade Butterfinger Ice Cream...only six ingredients

I can neither confirm or deny that I have made this recipe 4 times in a the last month.

I have a new favorite ice cream recipe. It’s this one. I am addicted and can’t get over how simple and delicious it is.

The vanilla flavored base is perfect for adding any of your favorite candy bars or cookies. I feel it is my responsibility to test it with every candy bar and cookie out their before summer ends. The problem is I started with Oreo’s which was AWESOME, and then I tried Butterfingers. I LOVE it so much with the Butterfingers that I haven’t moved on to test another candy bar yet….and I might have made the last batch in the middle of the night so the children wouldn’t even know it existed and I might have hidden it in the back of the freezer and not shared it with anyone…..I told you I am addicted. I may need rehab for this. [Read more...]

What’s for Dinner {August 14, 2014}

If you’re new here, read my first What’s for Dinner post to get filled in on what’s going on. If you’ve been to this rodeo before, let’s get to business.

File foldersMy day started off in the absolute worst possible way…at least according to me and my life philosophy, which states, “Cleaning up Throw-up is the WORST thing in the world…especially when child not only doesn’t make it to the bathroom in time, but somehow manages to cover the entire hallway and EVERY inch of the bathroom with said throw-up.”

It was AWESOME! The baby was screaming for the entire 30 minutes it took me to clean it up. 3 towels, 1 bathroom rug, 2 hand towel, 5 washcloths and 1 can of Lysol later, I could finally pick up my sweet baby.

Conner, tried his best to comfort Trever while I cleaned up, but it wasn’t working. He told me later he said 3 prayers while I was cleaning. He prayed that the baby would calm down and that Thatcher wouldn’t throw up anymore. The baby did calm a little towards the end and Thatcher hasn’t thrown up again.

It makes me so happy that Conner’s first thought was to pray. I wish I could say that that was my first thought too, but the only thoughts I had were, “this sucks,” and “where’s dad” over and over again.

Charlotte had an Eye Doctor appointment today, and since she only keeps her glasses on about 50% of the time, they gave her some drops that we are supposed to put in her right eye every other day forcing her left eye to work harder and get stronger.  We have to do it for three months…..we’ll see how it goes. Sim was home “sick” today (he is getting over a cold and technically could have gone today but decided to stay home to get some things done) he also took Charlotte to her appointment this morning and missed out on the throw-up fun, I knew I should have taken her myself.

I also had a special doctor appointment today. This may be TMI, but I got an IUD today. I have never had one before and was a bit nervous about it, but it seems to be fine.

chipolteMy appointment was in the afternoon, and I had told my husband that after cleaning up such a huge amount of puke today, I didn’t feel like I should have to do any other household chores including making dinner. :) My appointment also took forever so he ended up making Stir-fry for him and the kids and on my way home form the doctor’s office I picked up my favorite shredded beef bowl with extra pico de galo from Chipolte and ate it in my car in the parking lot. (I didn’t want to risk taking it home and having to share some with anyone.) It was soooo good! (I snapped that picture with my phone before I gobbled it up)

What's for Dinner {August 14, 2014}When I got home Sim informed me he took a picture of Thursday Night Dinner for me. How cute is that? He quickly added, “but it’s not very good.” What ev’s, It’s great, he even managed to get the barf bowl in it.

barf bowlThatcher was heart broken that he couldn’t go outside and play today. But getting to play games and watch movies on the iPad all day helped him get over the heart break pretty quickly.

chair fortConner and the neighbor boys were outside ALL DAY. They spent a good portion of it in this fort they made out of patio furniture. I couldn’t resist coming out to snap a picture. They took my presence as the perfect opportunity to ask for a snack. Not just any snack, a snack that was 35% sugar, 20%salty, 45% cheesy and 50% sweet. All right-y then! If you know of a snack that meets that criteria please let me know.

I came back out with a little handful of candy for each of them.

They didn’t seem mind that it wasn’t 20% salty of 45% cheesy.

Keep it Real!!!


P.S. The picture at the top is some file folder organizational things I have been meaning to make for almost a year. I finally made them today. They have a place to put important papers and things that I want to save of the kids. I am so happy.


What’s for Dinner {August 7, 2014}

If you’re new here, read my first What’s for Dinner post to get filled in on what’s going on. If you’ve been to this rodeo before, let’s get to business.

What's for Dinner {August 7, 2014}You would never know from their faces in this picture but this is one of my kids new favorite dinners. It’s so easy and yummy that I’ve made it twice in the last week and a half. They literally lick their plates clean.

All it is, is some store bought breaded chicken strips, brown rice cooked with a little chicken bullion, Steamed broccoli (I added some carrots tonight) and a slight variation of the sauce I use when I make my favorite Chicken Teryaki. It’s delicious and a quick dinner for busy nights.

What's fro dinner 8714It’s a good thing my dinner was fairly healthy because I accidentally ate half a package of Mint Oreo’s for lunch and then decided I better eat something somewhat healthy too, so I cut up an avocado so I could have a little healthy fat to go with all the trans fat I had just ingested. There is a good chance my caloric intake for the day has hit five digits.

oreos and avacadosIt’s Charlotte’s fault that I ate all the Oreo’s for lunch. She was a real piece of work today when I went visiting teaching…to the point where I actually had to get up and leave, she was completely melting down. She is definitely letting me know that the “Terrible Two’s” are a real thing. I needed a little self medicating after that experience.

Baking also soothes me so I baked about 4 dozen muffins to calm my nerves while she took a nap, I forgot to get a picture of those. Luckily by the time she woke up I liked her again. I made this Zucchini Muffin Recipe (I 4x it and cut the sugar by half a cup and added a smashed banana) and this Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe, it is one of my absolute favorite muffin recipes.

Sim has been  getting home early this week, which is soooooo awesome! Especially since my little Char Char has been driving me crazy  extra high maintenance. He’s been going in to work early so he can pick Conner up from his camp t the YMCA on  his way home.  Thatcher also loves that dad is getting home early, because then he has time to play trains with him.

TrainsThis afternoon I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of Trever for a while (at least 4 or 5 days :) )so I tried to get a picture of him smiling while I was holding him on my lap. However, I was too lazy to get up and change my camera lens (this one doesn’t zoom out) so I had to reach to the side and I couldn’t get him to look at the camera, I love that you can see two of the three laundry baskets full of clothes that need folded, and guess what……they are still waiting for me.

Trever aug 7 14I better go fold some laundry!

Have a great night!

Keep it Real!!!


Creamy Chicken Green Chili Enchiladas

It’s my friend Ashlee’s Birthday this week and she requested that I post her favorite recipe she remembers me making in college.

Creamy Green Chili Enchiladas

It all started a few months ago when she sent me a message about my mom’s world famous enchilada’s. I was like…what are you talking about my mom doesn’t make enchilada’s.  She was like…you know the ones you used to make at college.

Silly Ashlee, that recipe wasn’t my mom’s it was a recipe I got from a teacher at my high school. HA!

But hey, if it makes you happy to believe that they are my mom’s world famous enchiladas, that is cool too. Either way they’re really yummy and super easy to throw together.

So here you go Ash, Happy Birthday friend! [Read more...]