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What’s for Dinner {January 29, 2015}

If you’re new here, read my first What’s for Dinner post to get filled in on what’s going on. If you’ve been to this rodeo before, let’s get to business.

I should have planned better today. I knew we had to leave the house at a quarter to five and wouldn’t be back until six. A crock pot meal or casserole would have been nice to come home to, but that didn’t happen.

What's for Dinner {january 29, 2015}Instead I hurriedly threw together some Veggie Breakfast Burritos and a big smoothie. Breakfast for dinner is definitely my favorite go to dinner.

Family Sized Smoothie

IMG_0133I chopped up some bell pepper, onion, kale and baby bell mushrooms. I sauteed them and then set them aside and scrambled some eggs in the same pan.

What's for Dinner (January 29, 2015)This next step wasn’t necessary, but I really like the melted cheese and slightly toasted tortilla, so I do it this way. I put the filling on the tortillas and sprinkle them with cheese and then broil them for a minute until the cheese is melted. So yummy!

I don’t really even know where to start with telling you a bit about my very REAL day.

Charlotte has preschool on Thursdays, so we got ready for that and to my complete surprise, when I tried a new hair do on her she LOVED it. She thinks it makes her look like Anna and Elsa. All I did was put two braids in her hair…I have a feeling she is going to want that hair do everyday now.

Unfortunately she still pulled it out before nap time….that girl!

This picture cracks me up because it illustrates 90% of what it is like to be Charlotte’s mom.

Strong Willed 3yoWhen it was time to leave for preschool she would NOT let me help her with her coat. She was insisting on doing it herself, which would be awesome and I am all for except that she had it upside down and couldn’t get it on.

I can’t even remember how I finally got her to let me help her. Probably with my typical line of “Charlotte, little girls who want to go to preschool, let mom help them with their coat.” Preschool is a pretty huge motivator these days.

At preschool, she didn’t want to leave and I could sense that she was on the verge of a “crazy out of her mind fit.” I had to think fast. Luckily I had a ripe avacado at home and the girl loooooves guacamole, so I said. “Charlotte it’s time to go home, do you want to have guacamole and chips with lunch? You can help me make the guacamole.” Crisis averted, but just barely.

And boy did she gobble up that guacamole when we got home. I barely got a taste.

Trever has officially become mobile and isn’t wasting any time figuring out how to do all the really fun things, like unloading book cases.

Bookcase crasherTrever fell asleep on me after lunch, which he never does and I knew I should put him down and get some work done or do dishes, but I just couldn’t. he looked so sweet and was so warm and cozy and it was one of those moments when I was reminded how precious and fleeting that particular experience really is and I just sat on the couch and enjoyed it.

Which was awesome except for I still felt a tinge of guilt in the back of my mind because of the three million things I could have been getting done. That stupid guilty feeling makes me mad. Where does it come from anyway. I am so sick of feeling guilty about everything. I think guilt (the kind I am talking about anyway) comes from expectation and apparently I should lower mine. I thought I had brought them down far enough, (four kids has a way of making you do that) but I guess I need to take them down even further, Because I don’t want to feel a tinge of guilt for wanting to hold my baby while he sleeps.

In other news, my little families life is completely up in the air right now. For the last two years my husband has been applying for jobs in Utah. Not because he needs a job. He has a great job, but because we have felt drawn to get back and be closer to family, especially for our son Thatcher.

Well, nothing has come from the multiple interviews he has had and we are starting to wonder if this is really the right thing for our family right now.

As we pray and fast and contemplate options we still feel a great deal of confusion on what will be the best thing for our family. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, but we have to be out of the house we are living in right now, in about six months.

We’ve always said that if things didn’t work out to get back to Utah by this summer, we would by a house here in Maryland.

There’ s a whole lot more to this story, and like I said, we’ re still very unsure about what we’ re going to do, but we realize we have to start thinking about plan B. And tonight we went out with a realtor to look at some houses in our neighborhood.

I’ ve had experiences in my life where I feel like God intervened when I was headed in a direction that wasn’t the best path for me. I have faith that he will do it again, if buying a house in Maryland is not the best thing for our family. Sim has diligently applied for every job he qualifies for, for the last two years and none of them have worked out.

Anyone who knows what it’s like to re-vamp your resume a million times and fill out countless applications, can relate to what a HUGE time-suck and pain in the butt it is. He’s definitely put in his time trying to get a job in Utah. And he is still diligently applying to anything that pops up, even now, so………

….if moving back to Utah is really what’ s best for us, I believe God will intervene, and Sim will get a job before we go through with buying a house.

Okay enough about that….

So, in the midst of all the crazy decisions we need to be making, we got some great news yesterday. We are going to DISNEY WORLD!!!

A few months ago I heard about a blogger conference that was being held at Disney World and the price for tickets and on Disney accommodations was unreal (in a good way), so I tried to apply and was heart broken when they were all sold out of tickets.

Yesterday I got an e-mail that someone canceled and if I wanted a family ticket there was one available. BOO-YA! I am so excited. We are going to wait and tell the kids the day before we go.

A month from now we will be at Disney and I will be eating my body weight in Dole-whip! Can’t wait!!!

Keep it Real!!!



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What’s for Dinner {January 22, 2015}

If you’re new here, read my first What’s for Dinner post to get filled in on what’s going on. If you’ve been to this rodeo before, let’s get to business.

Don’t be scared by the look of this dinner. I love this recipe! It’ s one of those diamond in the rough type of dinners. It doesn’t look like much, but it is so flavorful and can be adapted to whatever veggies you have on hand.

Chicken and Vegetable CurryThe chow mein noodles aren’t necessary, but my kids will eat almost anything if I put chow mein noodles on top…who doesn’t like a little crunch factor.

Conner was sick today and was feeling extra weak when it was time for dinner so he didn’t join us. Poor kid.

Sick ConnerWhen he got home from school yesterday he had a 102.7 fever. He’ s had a fever all day again today so I think I’ m going to take him to the doctor tomorrow morning.

Preschool was at my house this morning. I was just the helper not the teacher. Charlotte gets SO excited about preschool. Before everyone arrived I was sweeping the hideous mess under the kitchen table and Charlotte wanted to help clean too. She grabbed a baby wipe (without me even asking) and started wiping down the banister on the stairs.

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