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Skillet Taco and Rice Dinner

Skillet Taco and Rice Dinner

One pan, thirty minutes, kids begging for seconds. [Read more…]

Fresh Raspberry Lemon Tart Bars

Raspberry-Lemon-Tart-dessert-bars-recipe-real-life-dinner--Fresh Raspberry Lemon Tart Bars

Raspberries are my favorite berry. This time of year, when they’re in season, I’m one happy camper.

You’re going to be a happy camper too, when you make these awesome Fresh Raspberry Lemon Tart Bars. [Read more…]

Swig Sugar Cookie Bars Recipe

Swig-Sugar-Cookie-Bars-recipe-real-life-dinnerSwig Sugar Cookie Bars Recipe

I’ve never been to “Swig” but I tried this knockoff recipe for their cookies a couple years ago. The cookies are soft and chewy with slightly crispy edges. The flavor is unique and perfect. They quickly became one of my favorite cookies. [Read more…]

Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Mediterranean Couscous Salad Recipe

Wow! This salad is the best thing that’s ever happened to couscous. I may or may not have only cooked with┬ácouscous one other time in my life…..

This salad has opened up a whole new world to me.

[Read more…]