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Why Every Mom Needs Essential Oils in Her Life {Giveaway}

Okay friends, you know I very rarely do a sponsored post. In fact, I have a strict policy against it unless I absolutely LOVE the product, think it will benefit my readers and the company is willing to share the love and do a giveaway for my readers.

essential-oils-giveawayWell, with or without compensation I was going to do this post because of an experience I had in February. I’ve been using and falling in love with doTerra essential oils ever since and I feel that mom’s everywhere need to know about the benefits of using essential oils.

I’ll start with the story:

Back in February, you may remember I went to a blog conference in Salt Lake City. I took my nursing baby with me and my mom was kind enough to come stay at the motel with us and watch him while I went to my classes.

Why every mom needs essential oilsTrever and I got to Utah a couple days before the blog conference and spent time with my brother’s family. The two nights we were at their house, Trever was a nightmare. He was congested and up, no joke, seven or eight times both nights.

I was a walking zombie, but living off adrenaline.

Immediately upon arriving at the blog conference, I noticed that doTerra Essential Oils was a main sponsor of the event and they had a big room where you could go in and talk to them and try their oils.

I rolled my eyes and thought, “Ugh, I am so not going in there…those oils are such a crock.” (I mean seriously, only weird people use those, right)

Well, as usual I got to eat my words…. [Read more…]

Easy Eclair Pie Recipe


This Easy Eclair Pie Recipe, aka: Zebra Pie, is a gem.

First of all it tastes absolutely delicious and secondly it’s a snap to make. [Read more…]

What’s for Dinner {April 2, 2015}

If you’re new here, read my first What’s for Dinner post to get filled in on what’s going on. If you’ve been to this rodeo before, let’s get to business.

Life doesn’t slow down, even if you have a stupid gallbladder attack and just want to lay in bed for a few days….
hot pad shoeI had one yesterday and I was pretty sure I was going to die. Out of the three I’ve had in my life this one was 100x worse then the other two. Turns out I survived and life didn’t stop for me so I guess I’ll move along with it….but I will drag my feet a little bit.

Despite the fact that I’m still somewhat weak from the gallbladder episode, I still had to put on my big girl pants and be the mom around here today.

What's for Dinner {April 2, 2015}So, dinner was still made (one pot beef stroganoff,) Easter Shopping was still done (I really shouldn’t have procrastinated that this year,) Conner’s play was still attended, and even a little laundry was done. [Read more…]

What’s for Dinner {March 26, 2015}

If you’re new here, read my first What’s for Dinner post to get filled in on what’s going on. If you’ve been to this rodeo before, let’s get to business.

I’m about to lose consciousness, so there is a good chance this post will have even more spelling/grammar errors then normal.

Spent almost all day painting the new house. I’ve been going over there every day to paint. Friends have been watching Charlotte and Trever for me so I can get a lot done. I’m so grateful and it has been so helpful!

charlotte [Read more…]