Supplements for Children with Apraxia of Speech

Supplements for Children with Apraxia of Speech

We have seen AMAZING progress in our son Thatcher, who has severe apraxia, ever since we began giving him supplements 10 months ago. Many people have asked me what supplements we give him. I am posting about it here for anyone else who may be looking for information on supplements for children with apraxia.

We decided to use supplements after reading “What’s Eating Your Child,” by Kelly Dorfman (a friend recommended it to me) and attending a seminar Kelly Dormfan gave. She has a new edition of the same book called, “Cure Your Child With Food.”

Kelly Dorfman is a genius and understands the chemical reactions in the brain better then anyone I have ever met.

In her book, Kelly Dorfman explains the reason why all three supplements need to taken together.

In short, it is because the pathways for motor planning need strengthened. And it takes all three supplements to do it properly. One of the supplements acts like the support beams you need when building a house, one is like the doors and windows and the other is like the calk and nails. All three are important to have a sturdy structure. All three supplements are important in strengthening the motor planning pathways in the brain.

So here is the deal, you need:

You need to check how much epa and dha it has in each dose. The back of the bottle will say something like epa-275 mg and dha 725 mg. You want the combined number of the two to be at least 1000. We give Thatcher 1 tsp of the Nordic Naturals a day and that is well over the 1000 mark.

There are a couple different options you can do for the fish oil. We started out with the Speak Smooth. Speak Smooth combines the Omega-3s and vitamin E together. We later switched to the Nordic Naturals Liquid and added our own vitamin e to it by squeezing it out of a capsule.

Right now he takes the Nordic Naturals, swallows or chews a vitamin e and chokes down liquid phoscol.

The phoscol is disgusting. We have been fortunate that Thatcher will take it without having to hide it in anything. We tell him it is important and it will help him keep getting better and better at his good talking.

He LOVED the taste of the Speak Smooth (It taste sort of like an orange creamsicle) but Thatcher is a big boy (90 lb 5 year old) and the amount of Speak he needed everyday was an extra 100+ calories that we didn’t think we could justify when he could get the same supplement (just not as tasty) with the liquid strawberry flavored Nordic Naturals, which has very few calories.

I have pictures below of the exact supplements we have used and had success with. It is a little pricey (especially Speak Smooth) but it has been so worth it to us.

(Also, when I told people we were using Speak, I got mixed reactions. Some people told me we shouldn’t use it because it isn’t FDA approved. Others sent me articles on how the people who created it are just doing it to get gain. I used it anyway. The people who created it did so because they themselves had children with special needs and knew these supplements would help them, but couldn’t get them to take them because they were so gross. They figured out how to make it taste decent. I say good for them. As far as the FDA comments, what I found was that it was non-FDA reviewed or approved, which for some reason doesn’t scare me that bad. I read the ingredients and felt okay abut giving it to him. It helped my son which is basically all I care about.)

It took about four or five weeks for us to start seeing what a difference the supplements were making, so if you don’t see it right at first don’t give up! (when we really noticed a difference is when we forgot it on a extended vacation….his words became fewer and there was a noticeable difference in his articulation and speech.)

If you have any questions, please e-mail me or leave a comment.

I hope this can be as big of help to you and your child as it has been for us!

Keep it Real!


 I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies or people mentioned in this post. I am strictly showing what we use/have used and where we purchased them. 

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    • Maria

      Hi Robin,

      I really can’t believe the improvement we have seen. The combo has an amazing strengthening affect on the motor planning pathways. Kelly describes it very clearly in her book. I loved it!
      Good Luck! I wish you all the best, from one mommy’s heart to another!

  1. Raquel

    My son is 27 months. Diagnosed apraxia/dyspraxia of speech. He’s in speech therapy. I am really excited about your tip. But I have a hard time giving my son anything out of the norm, and he’s an incredibly picky eater. He notices anything that is not the usual. Any tips for giving it to him? Do you do this once per day?

    • Maria

      Yes, I give it to him once a day, but when I did the Speak Nutrients I broke the dose in half and gave it to him twice a day until he was more used to it. Some people I have talked to have had success putting it in a spoon of yogurt or ice cream. If he is really adverse to taking new things I would try the speak nutrients because its flavor is so much better then the others, My son is to the point where he asks for it now, even though it is gross, it’s like his body knows he needs it or something. I wish I had better tips. Good Luck!

    • Maria

      My son weighs 90 lbs and I give him about 1/2 to 3/4 tsp of the Phoscol and 1 1/2 tsp of the Nordic Naturals strawberry flavored fish oil, but I started with 1 tsp of the fish oil and added on the other 1/2 tsp over a period of two weeks…gradually adding 1/4 tsp. Does that make sense?

    • Maria

      The dosage is really dependent on the amount of dha and epa per capsule. Kelly recommends that you try to have the two amounts equal 1000 mg. It will really depend on the capsule you have chosen. If it would mean giving your child 2-3 capsules you may want to run it by your pediatrician.

  2. Jakes mum

    I just received my PhosCol PPC capsules..says 2-3 per day …did you give your son a tsp once a day ith vit e, dha??? Wondering if I should give the 2-3 phoscol caps in one dose ?

    • Maria

      Yes I have always given him the phoscol with his other supplements in the morning. However, when we first started the supplements I gave him half of his dose of fish oil (We were using Speak Smooth at the time) in the morning half in the afternoon for a few weeks per the instructions that came with the Speak Smooth.

  3. Jenivere Peters

    We’ve been using the Nordic Naturals/Vita E combo. My son (with severe apraxia) has made good gains, but still seems ‘stuck’. I’m excited to add the phoscol to see if it helps.
    We use a medicine syringe to ‘inject’ his supplements into a Kiju Orange/Mango juice box. The mango really helps cover the fishy taste in the omegas, and he guzzles it right up!

    Thank you for posting this. Its hard to ‘go public’ with the supplements we give our kids, and this is so helpful to read. :)

  4. Christina

    Hi Maria,
    My son was just diagnosed with apraxia around his 2nd birthday and I’ve just started reading up on DHA & EPA and it’s effects. Jenivere mentioned how she put the supplements in a juice box, but was she diluting it with the juice? There’s no way I’ll be able to get my son to take this willingly but I’m wondering how much would be too diluting. He loves his 3oz liquid smoothies but would that be diluting it too much?
    Thank you so much for this article!

    • Maria

      As long as he ate the entire smoothie it should be fine. His body will still absorb the needed nutrients no matter what you use to hide it as long as he eats it in it’s entirety. Good Luck!

  5. Meredith L

    I am having trouble finding correct dosage recommendations for the phos chol. Also, I was under the impression 400 iu’s of bit. E was way too much for a child? Can you clarify the dosages you are giving for me?
    My apraxic son is 5, and 37 lbs.
    Thank you.

    • Maria

      My son is also 5 but he weighs 90 lbs. The information I go off for dosage is what I read in Kelly’s book and heard from her at the seminar I attended. I have not personally read anything that 400 iu’s can be dangerous for kids, but that doesn’t mean it may not be. I use 1/2 tsp of the phoscol with my son. If you are worried about dosage being dangerous you may want to cut his to 1/4 tsp where he is only 37 lbs. I understand it can be hard to know what to do when it seems like everything you read has different do’s and do not’s. I have felt that struggle often in this whole process, but What it comes down to for me, is that this combination of supplements is really helping him, and these years where his brain is still growing and forming are really important. If we can help strengthen those pathways right now with these supplements, the chance that their may be some associated risk is something we have chosen to accept.

  6. Kim prince

    Where did u purchase the phoscol? I have read kelly dorfmans book and have thus started my 3 year old daughter with speech apraxia and SPD on Nordic naturals fish oil pills but I am thinking of switching to speak smooth. I would like to try the phoscol too but I am worried about the awful taste kelly mentions in her book. Where did u attend a seminar?

    • Maria

      The seminar I attended was in Bethesda, MD. I ordered the Phoscol from It is nasty, but my son doesn’t even flinch anymore. I hope there is something you can find to hide it in that will work for her.

  7. jeannette

    I was wondering if you have heard of melaleuca vitality cream . it is a omega 3 . 1 tsp oil con 1200mg epa 220mg dha 140 mg . do this sound about the same as the dha one that you are recommending .
    also it has the vitamin e of 2iu 5%. .
    is this a good dosage .

  8. Liz

    Hi Maria
    This is very helpful. am looking through your previous comments — How much vitamin E do you give your child? I am also purchasing the phoscol supplement too! thank you!!!

    • Maria

      When we first started the supplements we were using speak which had the vitamin e in it already. When we switched to the Nordic naturals fish oil I started giving him one vitamin e capsule with his other supplements 400 IU. Good luck I hope you see great results like we have.

    • Maria

      I wouldn’t dare make a guess. We didn’t know about the benefits of these supplements and start them with our son until he was four. I would check with a doctor or pharmacist and get their opinion.

      • Afsheen

        Dear Maria ,

        My son is 10 years old and we had started him on omega speak when he was 6. His speech came in with in a few weeks. Ian still giving it to him but am worried about the high vitamin e content. I am also thinking of adding phos col. What gains should I see with it.



        • Maria

          Hi Afsheen,

          The phos col is just one more element that strengthens the pathways in the brain. Putting it with the vitamin e and fish oil, strengthens the effect of the fish oil. You can learn more by reading Kelly Dorfman’s book. If you are concerned about the High Vitamin e you may want to talk to your pediatrician or switch to using separate fish oil and vitamin e instead of the speak smooth.

  9. Hema

    Hi Maria –

    So wonderful to hear about your son! My son has severe apraxia as well, and we have yet to see improvements with other supplements, so I am looking to start this combo you mention. How long does a child have to be on this combo? Is it indefinite?

    Thank you for any insight/advice you can provide!

    Warm Regards,

  10. Jackie

    I’ve just purchased the book and are waiting for it to arrive, but curious as to whether the fish oil needs to be higher in EPA than DHA or vice versa. Or doesn’t it matter which is higher as long as the total is over 1000??
    Thanks – can’t wait to read the book!!

  11. Andrea

    I started giving my son the omega 3 gummies (2 per day) 82mg and and it said EPA &dha 68mg for two… I am confuse according with that I will need to give him at least 30 per day something is wrong with my math will order the book!

    • Maria

      Hi Carolyn,
      The year that he started the supplement he had very few words and most were approximations. And it was very cave man style. His speech picked up immediately. He went from saying things like ‘me, foo’ for “me food” to ‘I want food’ It helped him add more words and fill in blanks. It was amazing. We also had him in gymnastics and music therapy at the time which was also incredibly helpful. He made immeasurable progress that year.

      Good Luck! Maria

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